Roots & Wings Holiday Concert

Join us for A Soulful Celebration of the Season

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A Choir of The Spirituals Project

Sharing the legacy of the spirituals through dynamic performances

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Nikki Giovanni and Art Jones

reaping the harvest at the first REAP National Conference on the Spirituals

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2014-15 Season

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the voting rights movement in Selma, Alabama. Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Vincent G. Harding

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Singing for Freedom: 50 Years Since Selma

Singing for Freedom 1Singing for Freedom 2Singing for Freedom 3Singing for Freedom 4

marchwithselmaThe Black-led U.S. freedom movement of the 1950’s and 60’s was fueled by the communal singing of freedom songs, many of which were simply old spirituals revived with new lyrics that were shaped to fit the needs of the movement (see Freedom Songs of the Civil Rights Movement: Slave Spirituals Revived on our Sweet Chariot website).   Read More

"When music is created during a time of intense personal and collective crises, it ends up transcending the circumstances of its original creation. This is music that is timeless." ~ Dr. Arthur C. Jones, Founder