Educational Presentations

Arthur C. Jones, Ph.D.

Lecturer and Vocalist

Arthur Jones is Founder and Chair Emeritus of The Spirituals Project. He is an accomplished speaker, lecturer and singer who provides interactive, age-appropriate educational and musical presentations on the origins, history, and modern-day use of the spirituals that can be tailored to specific events. He is also available as guest soloist.

Educational Outreach

A priority of The Spirituals Project is outreach especially to children and youth, whose immersion in the spirituals story is central to the Mission of ensuring that “the spirituals are passed on for many generations to come.”

Since 1998, we have seen that the music, called spirituals, uplift in times of crisis, heal, comfort and inspire individuals, as well as, when young and old, of all ethnic and economic backgrounds come together in song.

The Spirituals Project Education Programs provide students the opportunity to not only experience the sacred songs but also to learn the history and cultural context of the enslaved Africans in America in the 18th and 19th centuries. This music becomes “community” singing, thus the participants will be joining in with enthusiasm and bonding.

Select volunteers from the Board and Choir of The Spirituals Project conduct 45 to 60 minute workshops and/or concerts:

Grade Level: K – 12
Offered: October – May
Where: Metro-Denver area

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