Educational Presentations

Arthur C. Jones, Ph.D.

Lecturer and Vocalist

Arthur Jones is Founder and Chair Emeritus of The Spirituals Project. He is an accomplished speaker, lecturer and singer who provides interactive, age-appropriate educational and musical presentations on the origins, history, and modern-day use of the spirituals that can be tailored to specific events. He is also available as guest soloist.


Dee Galloway

Poet-In-Residence and Vocalist

Dee Galloway is an dynamic performing poet and vocalist who also serves as Program Administrator for The Spirituals Project, and is available as a speaker/presenter on the origins, history, and modern-day use of the spirituals. She conducts interactive educational and musical presentations for youth and adults on music, poetry, and activism. Ms. Galloway was commissioned by the The Spirituals Project to create an original poem commemorating the spirituals, and “They Slice the Air” celebrates the ongoing influence of the spirituals throughout U.S. history. The poem became the centerpiece of a major theatrical production by Rowan University in Glassboro, New Jersey, as well as of the latest CD from the Spirituals Project Choir. Ms. Galloway is available to perform “They Slice the Air” as part of your special event or educational presentation.